I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time (Milan, 1984). My grandfather showed me how to look at the world through the lenses of a camera, getting the best out of it. I moved to SFO where people showed interest in a photo project called “LAST MONTH”, giving me the chance to close circle one.

Here you can find part of the work I did in San Francisco checking vol II of Nubi publications.

Here’s my (pretty) old portfolio

Here’s my photography according to a pro, Alan Maglio. He’s the photographer with whom I collaborate the most.

As a freelance photographer I took pictures at countless live gigs (Cripple Bastards, Black Breath, Unsane, Rancid, Die Antwoord, Greedy Mistress, Arturo, and tons of underground grind/punk/hard core bands): some webzines published most of my shots: you can see them all over the web and in some old school fanzines as well. I made portfolios for professional make up artists, for graphic studios in Milan and for the notorious Firehouse Custom Rockart.



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